Thursday 14th Sep 2017-Thursday 21st Sep 2017 4:00 PM - 11:30 PM
King Fahad Cultural Centre


الرياض من 14 إلى 21 سبتمبر

RIYADH from 14 to 21 September


Greetings from LuxuryKSA,


Come join us in our magnificent Blue Festival! Which centers around a combination of visually stunning, multi-sensory performances and activations. Accompanied by so many live bands as well as the world wide known show, The Blue Man Group. The festival will include an art gallery, as well as food area and lounges to ensure excitement, and indulge our guests in activities and more while spending their day in the blue festival.

Come ! Our blue world won't be completed without your marvelous participation!

Thank you!


انضموا معنا في المهرجان الأزرق الفريد من نوعه !

الذي يتمحور حول مزيج من الفعاليات المذهلة والعروض الرائعة المتعددة

مصحوبة بالعديد من الفرق الموسيقية الحية و كذلك العرض المعروف عالميا ب بلو مان قروب.

سيحتوي المهرجان على معرض للفنون وكذلك منطقة مطاعم وجلسات لضمان راحة الزوار . 

وبالطبع ! عالمنا الأزرق لن يكتمل دون مشاركتكم الرائعة. 


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Thursday 14th Sep 4:00 PM-11:30 PM King Fahad Cultural Centre
Thursday 21st Sep 4:00 PM-11:30 PM

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